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CiR is an "Investment Fiduciary." This is the highest standard of care, which means we place our clients' interest first when providing investment advice. As a fiduciary, we receive no compensation from brokers, fund managers, insurance companies, or any other source within the investment industry. We are ethically bound to our clients' financial well- being, acting in good faith towards their financial goals. We are transparent in the advice and recommendations we provide, aligning our services with our clients' objectives, timeframe and risk tolerance.


Our 3-pronged approach is based on risk, tax, and cost efficiency:

RISK: How much are you able to tolerate swings in the value of your investments for the possibility of a higher return? Why take on more investment risk than needed? 

TAX: What are the tax implications of your investment decisions? How much is left after taxes are paid? The more that an investment relies on investment income, rather than capital appreciation to generate a return, the less tax-efficient it can be to the investor.

COST: How much are your investments costing you? Do you know the asset-based fees and transaction costs associated with your investments?



With the ethical issues faced by financial professionals, we understand how imperative it is to provide objective, trust-worthy guidance while delivering clarity to financial decisions. We are fully engaged and dedicated to helping our clients pursue their financial goals. Our guiding principles are based on three simple questions:


What if I were on the other side?

Is it legal?

Is it honest?


The PFS Credential, established in 1987 by the AICPA, is granted to qualified CPAs with considerable professional experience in financial planning. Currently, several thousand CPAs hold the PFS Credential nationwide. CPA/PFS Credential holders are ranked among the most qualified financial planners in the marketplace, and many are listed as top financial planners in Worth’s annual ranking.

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