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Risk Management Planning

This process involves a risk analysis of assets that need protection. We typically see new clients who are either under insured or over insured. Periodically, the entire risk management needs to be analyzed and updated to meet your current and forward-looking needs. The policies, deductibles and premiums need to be reviewed and possibly updated. These items typically include:

  • Your health – health insurance policies

  • Unexpected expenses – cash reserve fund  

  • Your ability to work- disability insurance

  • Provide for your family – life insurance

  • Protection of your house or rental – homeowners or renters’ insurance

  • Protection of your auto(s) – automobile insurance

  • Protection beyond policy limits – umbrella insurance

CiR does not sell insurance, although we preform the risk analysis and show you where you are over or underinsured and can assist in reviewing policy quotes to meet your risk management planning needs.

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